Dr. Jack's Termite Treatment FAQ's

How do I know if I have a termite problem?

A pest management professional should inspect your home for evidence of termites, such as wood damage and mud tubes. Be sure to speak up if you’ve seen swarming termites or discarded wings near doors and windows.

What is in RecruitTM termite bait that eliminates termite colonies?

The active ingredient in Recruit termite bait is noviflumuron, an insect growth regulator (IGR). It interrupts the termites’ necessary ability to molt, which means they are unable to grow and, therefore, die.

Is the Sentricon System effective against the kind of termites I have?

Recruit termite bait used in the Sentricon System is effective against all economically important subterranean (not drywood) termite species in the continental United States and Hawaii. It does the job in varying soil conditions and climates, whether desert, tropical or temperate.

What’s the difference between termite baits? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?

No, not at all. Even products within the same class of chemistry have different effects on a termite colony. The active ingredient in Recruit termite bait — noviflumuron — affects termites slowly, allowing them to recruit their nestmates to feed on the bait, ultimately causing termite colony elimination. With some termite baits, the active ingredient may cause termites to die or become ill near the bait station. In these cases, termite nestmates tend to avoid the baited area, reducing the effectiveness of the bait on the colony. Plus, many of these baits are not very effective, so they require a simultaneous liquid chemical treatment. The Sentricon System is a stand-alone termite treatment.

What if my house is already infested with subterranean termites?

If termites have been found or are suspected on your property, the Authorized Operator will immediately place BaitubeTM devices containing Recruit termite bait into Sentricon stations located near the termite activity. In addition, the Authorized Operator may place Recruit AG (above-ground) termite bait stations along accessible mud tubes and other known termite infestation areas. Together, in-ground Sentricon stations and above- ground Recruit AG bait stations can reach more termites, more quickly, to eliminate the colony.

How long does it take to eliminate an existing colony?

Once the Sentricon System is installed, it begins working immediately. The amount of time to eliminate an existing colony varies, depending on the size of the colony, the time of year, termite species and other factors. Ask your Authorized Operator about the average length of time necessary for colony elimination in your area. Authorized Operators are trained to regularly monitor the Sentricon stations and introduce Recruit termite bait when termites attack them, or sooner for known infestations. With continued service, this monitoring process continues even after the termite colony is eliminated, providing ongoing security.

If my neighbors use the Sentricon System, is my house protected, too?

No. The Sentricon System can only protect structures where it’s installed. There may be many colonies foraging in your neighborhood, and the one attacking your home is not necessarily the one attacking your neighbor’s home.

Why don’t the termites just go between the Sentricon stations to reach my house?

Termites are always looking for new feeding sites, even though they may have already located an abundant food source. Plus, termites feed randomly among all feeding sites within their foraging area. So, if termites are foraging near a home, it’s likely they’ll find and attack the monitoring devices in one or more of the Sentricon stations. Once they hit the monitoring devices, Recruit termite bait will be placed in the Sentricon station(s) to begin the process of colony elimination.

Does the Sentricon System eliminate termite colonies?

Yes. The Sentricon System provides proven termite colony elimination. And with continued service from an Authorized Operator, it continues to protect homes from future invasions.

Is there any independent research to back up the claims that this termite baiting system really works?

The Sentricon System has been proven to eliminate termite colonies by 30 independent universities and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It has been tested against all economically important subterranean termite species. Forty-five scientific articles have been published on the Sentricon System and/or its components.

Can the Sentricon System be used by itself or must a liquid chemical treatment be used with it?

Because it is a complete system, the Sentricon System is a stand-alone termite treatment, which means it does not have to be used in conjunction with a liquid chemical treatment. Not all termite baits can be used alone.

Which protects a property better — a liquid chemical treatment or the Sentricon System?

The Sentricon System is the best option because it is proven to eliminate the termite colony. In addition, through regular monitoring by an Authorized Operator, it provides continuous protection by eliminating future colonies that might invade the area. Liquid chemical treatments degrade over time and a small gap in the barrier is an open door allowing termites to enter the property.

How could choosing a liquid chemical treatment affect my home?

Liquid chemical treatments haven’t changed much since the 1950s. They require digging a trench around the foundation of the home and may require drilling holes approximately every 12 inches into the floor or foundation. Then hundreds of gallons of a diluted chemical solution are injected into the soil. This type of treatment typically causes significant disruption to the home and landscaping. The Sentricon System provides peace of mind for homeowners without drilling in floors or foundations, without the mess of liquid chemicals and without the scheduling hassles. Only a regular visit from your Authorized Operator will remind you of its continuous activity and security.

Is the Sentricon System more environmentally responsible than liquid chemical treatments?

Yes. The active ingredient in the Sentricon System is used in very small quantities, only when and where it is needed, compared to hundreds of gallons of diluted chemical solution in a liquid chemical treatment. The premier bait used in the Sentricon System was registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the strict requirements of the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. In 2000, the Sentricon System became the only termite treatment to receive the highly respected Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the EPA.

How much chemical is used in a liquid chemical treatment compared to the Sentricon System?

Liquid chemical treatments may use hundreds of gallons of diluted chemical solution. The Sentricon System uses just grams of termite bait, only when and where it is needed.

How will the property be monitored for the ongoing threat of termites if a homeowner chooses a liquid chemical treatment?

Following a liquid chemical treatment, most companies will not inspect at all or will provide just one annual, visual inspection. Authorized Operators of the Sentricon System are different. They provide ongoing service for your peace of mind. Several times per year, they monitor the Sentricon System for termites, bait to eliminate termite colonies and then monitor again for any new termite colonies that might invade the area.

When the colony has been eliminated, will the Sentricon stations be removed?

No. Recruit termite bait will be removed from the Sentricon stations and replaced with monitoring devices, but the Sentricon stations will remain in the ground. Once a termite colony has been eliminated, another one could invade your property. With continued service, regular monitoring of the Sentricon System by an Authorized Operator protects a home from future termite invasions.

If I don’t have a termite problem now, can the Sentricon System protect my home from future invasions?

Yes. Ongoing monitoring makes the Sentricon System good at stopping a current infestation and preventing a future one. When termites begin to feed on the monitoring devices in the Sentricon stations, the monitoring devices are replaced with BaitubeTM devices containing Recruit termite bait, which ultimately leads to the colony’s demise. Many homeowners with no known termite problems have used the Sentricon System to help make sure the property stays that way.

Can any pest management professional use the Sentricon System?

No, only the best can install and service the Sentricon System. An Authorized Operator is required by Dow AgroSciences, the manufacturer of the Sentricon System, to receive comprehensive training, to use computerized tracking and recording of all Sentricon stations, and to annually pass specific product stewardship requirements. 

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