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Solutions for a Lusher, Greener Yard

In the same way that we need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, which we receive both from the food we eat and from additional supplements, the plants on our property also need critical elements to keep them lush and strong. Since the soil of our lawns and yards are often lacking all the proper nutrients, it is essential to get effective fertilization services in Orlando to provide our plants with everything they need to thrive.

Although the main elements of any fertilizer are usually a combination of phosphate, nitrogen, and potash, every yard is unique in the exact percentages it requires of each of these chemicals. Without the expert support of Dr. Jack's Lawn Care, Termite & Pest Control, a homeowner may accidentally kill their plants, rather than helping them grow bountifully. Do not take chances when it comes to fertilizing your yard, instead, rely on our dedicated technicians to take excellent care of it for you.

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The Benefits of a Superior Fertilizer Care

It can be tempting for some residents in Orlando to skip having fertilizer services for their lawns and plants. Since our climate offers natural benefits of plenty of sunshine, as well as frequent light rains, perhaps it would be possible for our yards to get by without having the additional cost of fertilizer. The truth, however, is that fertilizer could make all the difference in the health of the plants on your property.

Some of the key benefits of having a well-fertilized yard include:

  • A greater resistance to invasive, persistent weeds.
  • A stronger root system of the grass in your lawn or flowers and vegetables in your garden.
  • Reduced chances of having bare patches, muddy spots, or flooding in your lawn.
  • Having greener, lusher grass even during the summer.

The Importance of Receiving High-Quality Fertilizer

When homeowners go to a hardware or garden store, they might just be tempted to purchase the first fertilizer they see, assuming that any kind will feed their plants. If you want your lawns, shrubs, trees, and flowers to thrive rather than merely survive, however, there is a lot more involved. When it comes to fertilizer, quality matters of price, since cheap fertilizers might only work temporarily, or not at all. It is far more effective to buy a superior fertilizer, even if it is a little more expensive, since it will keep your plants lush and healthy for a much longer period of time.

On the other hand, it is important not to be fooled by eye-catching terms, especially phrases like “organic”. In many cases, these supposedly organic products are just ineffective and synthetic, operating by quick release. It is important to seek slow-release products, which will powerfully fuel your plants and turf in an extended manner.

Relying on Our Experts for Your Fertilizer Needs

It can be extremely difficult if not impossible to determine the right combination of fertilizer without the proper equipment and knowledge of exactly what your soil demands. Not only do you need to know the delicate balance of potash, nitrogen, and phosphate, but it is important to understand whether granular or liquid fertilizer is more appropriate for your lawn, or how the acidity or alkali levels of the soil will affect your plants.

Applying the fertilizer is another matter entirely, since pouring it unevenly or using too much could create tremendous damage not just to your plants, but the surrounding environment. Avoid all this trouble by reaching out to Dr. Jack's Lawn Care, Termite & Pest Control for proper fertilization services in Orlando.

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