Do I need termite protection on my home?

Despite what some companies say, not every structure is going to get termites. Simply put, you can either wait until you get termites and then kill them and repair the damage or protect your home with termite treatment and bond.

Although block homes are less susceptible to extensive exterior wall damage from termites than wood-frame homes, there is still plenty of wood in a block home for termites to eat and termites damage both block and wood-frame homes.

Every year termites cause more than $2 billion in damage to homes in the United States. That is more structural damage than all the natural disasters combined. The Orlando Sentinel has reported that Florida has the worst termite problem in the country, with the city of Orlando ranking 5th.

You could be one of the unlucky homeowners who are unwillingly nominated to share those expenses in repairs to your home due to terrible damage caused by termites. Most people don’t know this, but most insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. Another scary fact is that you may have termites and not even know them.

Dr. Jack's uses only Sentricon to protect all of our customer's homes and businesses. You can rest assured that Sentricon Always Active with Recruit HD is protecting your home 24/7. Contact Dr. Jack's today and find out how you can get the best termite protection available and let you sleep knowing that with Sentricon and Dr. Jack's, your termite protection is always on the job. 

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