The epitome of outstanding customer service

"Our first experience with Dr. Jack's was beyond fabulous! Samuel Bernal was professional, knowledgeable, committed, patient and a perfect gentleman to boot. We are impressed with the responsiveness of the staff but most of all we have been impressed with the quality of service.....If only all service providers lived up to Mr. Bernal's and Jack's standards."
- Rita | Windermere

Should be 'Dr. Magic'

"Our lawn looks so much better than it ever has in the eight years we've been here. The improvement when we changed to Dr. Jack's was so quick (within a month or two) that it seemed like magic. Craig is our service man and has given us so much information that has been helpful. He is so professional and courteous and friendly. Kelly in the office is most helpful as well. We're just very happy with Dr. Jack's."
- Sharon Bryant | Apopka