Employment Opportunities

For 40 years, Dr. Jack's has placed an emphasis on hiring good people and then keeping them.  This philosophy is largely responsible for our continued growth and success.   

We do this by hiring the right person for the job and through extensive training. We also provide a work environment that encourages learning and growth while treating each employee with respect. Finally, we provide good benefits and work hours so that employees don't get burned out and seek employment elsewhere. Good long-term employees means good long-term customers. 

For example, four of our technicians have worked with Dr. Jack's for over 10 years! Many of our long-term customers have had the same technician the entire time. This statistic is very unique to the industry where the environmental conditions (Florida's heat and humidity) and the physical demands challenge many lawn care companies to maintain steady employment.

Interested In Joining the Dr. Jack's Team?

We currently have openings for lawn technicians. Please call 407-422-3641 and ask for Mr. Dan Jones.