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Our Exterior Pest Prevention service is convenient, affordable and guaranteed.

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Dr. Jack's Home Pest Prevention

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Due to product advancements and industry techniques, many pest species can now be controlled with target specific baits and only grams of active ingredients, compared to the old practice of high volume liquid insecticide sprays.  The source of most pest activity is outside your home, so we concentrate our efforts on the perimeter of your home, which eliminates the need for regular interior treatments.  

  • Our Exterior Pest Prevention (EPP) concentrates on the exterior of your home, where insects live and breed. We enter your home only when you have an interior pest concern.  Also, with the use of long residual products, most homes only need service four times a year, which makes our program less costly to you.   
  • Our Exterior Pest Prevention service is convenient, affordable and guaranteed. If your home needs additional service between your regularly scheduled visits, we return within 24 hours- free of charge. 

Our Exterior Pest Prevention Means Fewer Bugs and a Healthier, Home Environment for Your Family and Pets. 

At Dr. Jack’s, We Have Service “Down To A Science!”

Our Customers Always Have the Last Word

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We protect thousands of homes in Central Florida.

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Not all pest control companies are the same

Here are just a few of the ways we outshine the competition.

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Dr. Jack’s programs are designed to provide your landscape with all the recommended treatments you might need without any extra charges- even for common treatments like chinch bug control, fungus, fire ants and dry fertilizer with potash.

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A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida. Our customers also have a lot to say about us- find out what people are saying about Dr. Jack's.

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Dr. Jack's is a local, family-owned company in business since 1972 and not a branch of a large corporation. Our focus is on customer service and understand that serving our customers is our only priority. This philosophy seems to be lost with large corporations today that seem to focus only on the numbers.

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Lawn sales and customer service from graduate horticulturists or technicians only (no salesmen on commission that you will never see again once you begin receiving service).

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Our horticulturists are continuously researching and testing new products that keep us an industry leader in service quality. We utilize EPA recommended IPM pest control program that helps protect the environment by reducing pesticide use.

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Lower annual cost with our bimonthly (every other month) lawn care service than competitors that charge less but service more frequently. We also give $25 credit for referring new customers (most of our new business is from referrals). We do not require or try and sell unnecessary services like aeration in order to boost our profits.

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We offer non-binding agreements for residential services so our customers can pay month-to-month. 

top rated pest control orlando


We go the extra mile to make sure we are as effective as possible when servicing your property. Our lawn trucks are custom designed for Dr. Jack's to provide both lawn and shrub care with the same visit. We offer turfgrass replacement guarantee for insect damage. We take care of our customers first in these ways and much, much more!

Specialists in Pest Control

Specialists In Our Field

It takes work and we specialize in Central Florida lawn and ornamental plant horticulture. We believe that there is not a more professional landscape pest control company than Dr. Jack's — because no other company has college degreed horticulturists (certified lawn and plant experts) that will come out to your home or business to measure your treatment areas and provide a free quote that includes a detailed analysis.

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No Haggle Pricing

Other companies may "high ball" you to see if you will buy at an inflated price and then call you back with a new lower "special price" if you didn't purchase their service with the initial sales visit. Our horticulturists are on salary, not salesmen on commission like other companies. We feel that this is important so that we can take the time to carefully evaluate each prospective customers site and provide a fair and competitive price the first time. With Dr. Jack's, you always get professional, knowledgeable and truthful analysis free of charge without a lot of sales pressure.

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Experienced Technicians

You may notice that we display the technician's name on their truck and their service years with Dr. Jack's on their uniforms. We are proud of the fact that our lawn technicians have been with us an average of 8 years! There isn't much they haven't seen or treated during this time. High employee turnover is not good for our customer's landscapes so we strive to hire the best people we can find and then keep them. Most of our customers have had the same technician since they have been with our company. Your technician will get to know you and your landscape. Contact us today to experience the Dr. Jack's difference!

 When you add it all up, why use anyone else?

 Our prices are competitive and when you add all the benefits included with our service, there is no better value or professional lawn care company than Dr. Jack's. Contact us now for your free quote and experience the Dr. Jack's difference!

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