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What Makes Dr. Jack’s Different From Our Competition? 

There are many lawn care companies you can choose from, and there are many attributes that separate Dr. Jack’s from the competition.  With a Ph.D. in plant pathology, Dr. Jack spent 14 years in research developing a variety of herbicides and pesticides before founding Dr. Jack’s in 1972.  His knowledge and passion for the industry set a standard for success that is still followed today.  

Dr. Jack’s has 3 degreed horticulturists (certified lawn and plant experts) representing our single office in Central Florida.  We don’t send commissioned salespeople to your home. Instead, our salaried horticulturist (or the certified technician himself) will meet with you, where you can have confidence you are receiving a detailed and factual analysis of how we can improve the overall health and beauty of your lawn and shrubs. 

Instead of investing in advertising to grow our business, we invest in quality products and personnel. For example, the average years of employment for our technicians is 10 years, which means our customers enjoy the benefit of consistent-quality service. To learn more of what separates us from our competition, see the list below.

The Dr. Jack’s Difference

Dr. Jack’s programs are designed to provide your landscape with all the recommended treatments you might need without any extra charges. Some of the differences we have found between our company and the competition include:

  • Dr. Jack's is a local, family-owned company in business since 1972 and not a branch of a large corporation. Our focus is on customer service and understand that serving our customers is our only priority. This philosophy seems to be lost with large corporations today that seem to focus only on the numbers.
  • Low employee turnover. Our customers appreciate and benefit from knowing that the same technician will be looking after their property.  Our technicians average 10 years of employment as members of our Dr. Jack’s family (August, 2017).
  •  A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida
  •  $25 credit for referring new customers (most of our new business is from referrals)
  •  Lawn sales and customer service from graduate horticulturists or technicians only (no salesmen on commission that you will never see again once you begin receiving service)
  •  Consistent fair pricing based on measured areas
  •  No hidden charges for common treatments like chinch bug control, fungus, fire ants and dry fertilizer with potash
  •  Lower annual cost with our bimonthly (every other month) lawn care service than competitors that charge less but service more frequently
  •  EPA recommended IPM pest control program that helps protect the environment by reducing pesticide use
  •  Our horticulturists are continuously researching and testing new products that keep us an industry leader in service quality
  •  Some bilingual technicians and office staff
  •  We do not require or try and sell unnecessary services like aeration in order to boost our profits
  •  Our lawn trucks are custom designed for Dr. Jack's to provide both lawn and shrub care with the same visit
  •  Turfgrass replacement guarantee for insect damage
  •  Never a binding agreement for residential services (month to month)

 When you add it all up, why use anyone else?

 Our prices are competitive and when you add all the benefits included with our service, there is no better value or professional lawn care company than Dr. Jack's.Contact us right now for your free quote and experience the Dr. Jack's difference!