Florida's Pest Problem

Experts Agree: Florida Has the Worst Pest Problems in the Country
Our warm and humid climate provides ideal conditions for unwanted pest activity.  Cockroaches (roaches), ants, fleas, spiders, silverfish and beetles are just some of the common indoor pests we have here in Central Florida. In addition to our common pests are an increasing number of new insect species brought into Florida through our many coastal trade ports. A few years ago the white-footed ant (Technomyrmex Albipes) was accidentally introduced into South Florida from Asian cargo crates, and is now established in Central Florida.

white footed ant

Need in depth info on white-footed ants? Watch the channel 9 news segment.

This new ant species is widespread in South Florida at epidemic levels, and many entomologists say it is the most challenging ant species to control. Fortunately, the pest management industry is developing more effective treatment methods so we can meet these pest control challenges.     You can search for information about specific pests now at: Bug Info.com or contact us by phone at (407) 479-4235. Register below to request your free "Doctor's Exam" and take the first step toward protecting your family from harmful pests.

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