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Welcome to our company website.  We are Rick and Jim Reinhardt, sons of Dr. Jack Reinhardt, who founded our family business. Our father spent 14 years doing research with products to control pests before launching Dr. Jack's in 1972. We hope that you find the information provided here interesting and useful.   Our father liked to help people. That's why he started our company and today we still believe helping people should be the first priority. Our estimates and service calls are still free of charge because we believe in giving people incredible value by sharing everything we know about the process of keeping your home pest free and your lawn looking magnificent.   We invite you to explore our other pages to find out what makes our company different from the competition and why we like to say "We Have Service Down to a Science". Thank you for visiting,

Hassle Free Results More Free Time

Dr. Jack's is Orlando's lawn care, termite and pest control service for homeowners and businesses who desire to control pests and have a green, lush landscape but don't have the time or know-how to do it themselves or are frustrated by unsatisfactory results.   Dr. Jack's offers home and business structural pest control,  termite treatments, and lawn and ornamental plant fertilization and pest control for insects, diseases and weeds.  In addition to our programs, we also offer treatments as needed for those customers that prefer to wait until they have a problem to call for service.   These services yield consistent, hassle-free results for all seasons and allow homeowners to spend more time enjoying their lawn and home with their family and less time working on them.      

A Clear Vision Makes Life Better

Today we carry on his vision and hard work for you. We use the research and training our father passed on to us and the newest, most technologically advanced science to help create for you an incredible looking and healthy yard and a pest free home.
Dr. Jack (right) evaluating the results of  a research field test in the 1960's 
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